The start

Sultan Bakery Opened as a Pita Bread Factory

Sultan Bakery Opened as a Pita Bread Factory


It all started when...

There was one question on everyone's minds.

Why is it so hard to get fresh baked pita bread in San Jose?

From this simple question the vision was created, to design and open a Pita Bread Factory in the Heart of San Jose to provide fresh baked bread. If you build it they will come, and so was the start of Sultan Bakery, A Wholesale factory that would focus on 3 important aspects:

Fresh Baked Taste and Smell

Pita bread is intended to be eaten fresh. Sultan's Authentic Pita Bread is baked and delivered as quickly as possible so it is always fresh. Sultan's Authentic Pita Bread contains no additives, preservatives or coloring and only the highest quality ingredients are used, ensuring a great, natural taste. It has that delicious smell that only comes from the freshest, most natural bread.


The natural, healthy, dairy-free ingredients of Sultan's Authentic Pita Bread means that it not only tastes great, but it is good for you too! The National Heart Foundation recommends pita bread as part of a balanced, healthy diet. 


The versatility of Sultan's Authentic Pita Bread is the key to what makes it so popular. It tastes great toasted or fresh. You can cut it in half and fill the pockets with your favorite sandwich toppings, or use it to make mini pizzas. Pita Bread can be used for dips, or with hot meats and veggies to have as a main meal. 


The Transformation

Why focus only on wholesale pita bread? Why not add variety and open your doors to the Public? The transformation of Sultan Bakery from a wholesale only Pita Bread Factory, to neighborhood specialty bakery was on it's way. The whole inside was renovated inside out. The factory conveyor belts and assemblies were redesigned and shortened. A lobby was created and designed with a mural of San Jose City Hall. New Ovens for Desserts, a new "Pizza Oven" and Kitchen was put in.  Anyone say falafel? hummus? Now we're cooking! Thank You for visiting our website! See You Soon!