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Welcome to Sultan Bakery

For millennia, pita has been the staff of life for people throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. The word "pita" itself goes back to ancient texts, the word (pita) referred to bread in general. 

With a history like that, it takes a special kind of bakery to create pita bread that can live up to its name. Sultan’s Bakery honors the ancients by using simple, natural ingredients of the finest quality and preparing our pita in strict traditional baking methods. The exquisite flavor and texture of Sultan’s pita is celestial, divine, heavenly. 

While there are many pita breads available on the American market today, Sultan’s pita is unlike anything you've tasted. Its distinctive, authentic taste is unforgettable, addictive and simply delicious; based on an authentic Mediterranean recipe focusing on simplicity and fresh quality ingredients.

Sultan Bakery has the best pita bread here in the bay area. We can deliver throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and our bakery is located is San Jose, CA. 

Whether you're an institution, a distributor, a hotel or restaurant, a retail shop or supermarket, your customers will taste the Sultan's difference. Contact us today! 

Why Sultan’s customers choose our pita:

  • Natural product made with the highest quality ingredients
  • Traditional bread prepared in an authentic fashion
  • Very durable pocket-sandwich bread it won't crumble, split, or fall apart
  • Available in white, wheat & unbleached
  • Perfect accompaniment alongside salads, soups, or dips
  • Great alternative to chips cut into triangles and toasted, it's got great flavor!